About us

We continually strive to be a great company. GACH GROUP AMT & MPDT is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing outstanding products and services to those who need them. We conducts research and participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop our sector of the industry and to contribute to society. GACH GROUP AMT & MPDT  is implementing a strategy to accelerate growth through innovation, and strengthening organizational and associates' capabilities. GACH GROUP AMT & MPDT continuously seeks to develop technologies and products that will have a greater impact on workers' safety.  We are certificated with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 10002:2004

Mining operations can be grouped into major categories in terms of our respective resources. These are,  coal mining, metal ore mining, non-metallic mineral mining, marbles and quarrying, and support activities for mining. Prospecting potential mining sites, a vital area of concern for the mining industry is now done using sophisticated new technologies such as seismic prospecting and remote-sensing satellites.