Potash Alum

Water Treatment Kal (SO4) 2.12H2O Potash Alum

Basic Info./SPECIFICATION: Potash Alum

Grade Standard:  Food Grade
Appearance:  Lump
Product:  Kal(So4)2.12H2O Potash Alum

Additional Info.

Packing:  25kg/Bag or Customized
Standard:  99.2%min
 Capacity:  25,000mt Per Year

Product Description

Water Treatment KAl(SO4)2.12H2O Potash Alum 
1. Name: Potash Alum 
2. High purity 99.7%, 99.5% and 99.0% 
3. Colorless particle or crystalline powder 
4. Prompt shipment 
5. Appearance: Colorless crystallize or powder. 

1. As the polycoagulant of turbid water, cleaning water. 
2. As the sizing agents in paper making industry, improve the water-resistance strength. 
3. As the antiseptics, styptic 
4. Food additives.


Classification: Sulphate
Other Names: Potash alum
Appearance: powder or lump


Model Number: Potash alum


Molar mass: 258.205 g/mol


Density: 1.725 g/cm3


Solubility in water: 14.00 g/100 mL (20 °C)


Type: Potassium Persulfate


MF: KAl(SO4)2.12(H2O)


Grade Standard: Industrial Grade


Application: water treatment


Melting point: 92-93 °C


Solubility: insoluble in acetone


Purity: 99.2%


Refractive index (nD: 1.4564


Boiling point: 200 °C
Odor: odorless