Sodium bicarbonate

1. Name Of Product:   Sodium bicarbonate(food grade)

Molecular Formula: NaHCO3

Production Capacity:  8000tons/Per Month
    Capacity:  28000tons/Per Month
2. Packing:   Packing: 25kg, 1000kg, 1100kg, 1200kg, 1250kg, PP Liner + PE Woven Bag
3. Storage Condition:   Store in clean and dry place. 
4. Usage:  Mainly used as food, beverage processing agent, fodder additive, medicine, chemistry, tanning, fire control preparation, cultivating of living beings, environmental protection desulphurization, sterilization, foot bathing, health care, etc. ..

Sodium Bicarbonate food grade Mainly used as additive in food industry, vesicant in rubber industry, antacid in medical industry, propellant of fire-fighting equipments, accessory ingredient of detergent, detergent in film making and CO2 agent of soft drinks, beer and beverage, selecting mineral, leather,. etc.

Product Description

1. Products Name: Sodium Bicarbonate
2. Product category: Swelling agent
3. Appearance: Fine and white crystals/powder
4. Chemical name: Sodium bicarbonate food grade, sodium bicarbonate(NaHCO3)
5. Sodium bicaronate 99.5%


Sodium Bicarbonate Property: White powder or fine crystal, odorless, salty taste, stable property at normal temperature, soluble in water and to be slightly alkali, decomposed slowly when exposed to moisture air 

Sodium Bicarbonate Storage and Transportation:
1)Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area, away from incompatible substances and in a tightly closed container
2)Wash thoroughly after handling. Minimize dust generation and accumulation. Avoid breathing dust, vapor, mist or gas. Avoid breathing vapors from heated material. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Parameter  Sodium Bicarbonate Specification Actual Results
Content Of NaHCO3 ≥ 99.0 – 100.5 % 99.71 %
Loss On Dry ≤ 0.20 % 0.12 %
PH Value ≤ 8.6 8.25
Content Of As ≤ 0.0001 % < 0.0001
Content Of Heavy Metals (Calculate as Pb) ≤ 0.0005 % < 0.0005
Content Of Ammonium Salt Via Test Qualified
Clarity Via Test Qualified
Content Of Chloride ≤ 0.40 % 0.15 %
Whiteness ≥ 85 93
Appearance White Powder White Powder