Adipic Acid


Basic Info./Specification:  Adipic Acid

Purity.:  99.5% 99.7% 99.8%
Carboxyl No.:  Polybasic Acid
Alkyl No.:  Saturated Acid
Source:  Oxidation
Colour:  White
Appearance:  Powder

Additional Info.

Standard:  99.5% 99.7% 99.8%
 Capacity:  5000mt/Month

Product Description

Adipic acid manufacturer in China. Our adipic acid purity are 99.5%. 99.7%. 99.8%. 

Product name: Adipic acid 

Adipic acid is the organic compound with the formula (CH2)4(COOH)2. From the industrial perspective, it is the most important dicarboxylic acid: About 2.5 billion kilograms of this white crystalline powder are produced annually, mainly as a precursor for he production of nylon. Adipic acid otherwise rarely occurs in nature. 

Used as monomer for the production of nylon by a polycondensation reaction with hexamethylene diamine forming 6, 6-nylon. Other major applications also involve polymers: It is a monomer for production of Polyrethane and its esters are plasticizers, especially in PVC.

  Items Standard
1 Appearance White  crystalline  powder
2 Content%  (m  /  m)  > 99.80
3 Melting  point  C> 151.5
4 ammonia  water  chroma,   platinum  cobalt  color  number  < 5
5 Moisture  %  (m  /  m)  < 0.20
6 Ash  mg  /  kg  > 7
7 Fe  mg  /  kg  < 1.0
8 Nitrate  content  mg  /  kg  < 10.0