Formic Acid


Basic Info./Specification:  Formic Acid

Quality:Tech Grade
Packing:Plastic Drum

Capacity:12,000 Tons Per Month
1. Colorless liquid
Formic acid (systematically called methanoic acid) is the simplest carboxylic acid, but can also be viewed as an aldehyde. Its formula is HCOOH or HCO2H. 

It is an important intermediate in chemical synthesis and occurs naturally, most notably in the venom of bee and ant stings. It has high quality and competitive price.

Grade Standard:Agriculture Grade = Formic Acid (64-18-6) for Agriculture Grade

Product Formic acid
Molecular Formula:  CH2O2
Apperance Colorless, fuming liquid
type 85%, 90%
specifications Formic Acid 85%
Colour Index Platinum Cobalt----------------------------------10max
Purity% ----------------------------------------------------------------85min
Sulphate as SO4% ------------------------------------------------0.002 max
Chloride as CL%---------------------------------------------------0.005max
Iron as Fe%----------------------------------------------------------0.0005max
Ignition Residue%--------------------------------------------------0.020max

Formic Acid 90%
Acidity%---------------------------------------------------------------90.0 min
Chlorides,As CL %------------------------------------------------0.003 max
Sulphates(As SO4) %---------------------------------------------0.001 max
Metals,As Fe %-----------------------------------------------------0.0004 max
Non-volatiles %-----------------------------------------------------0.020 max
Uses 1. Pharmaceutical industry: Caffeine,Enzimes,Aminopyrine,Vitamin B1
2. Pesticide industry: Triazolone,Disinfest
3. Chemical industry: Methane amide,DMF,A geresister 
4. Leather industry: Tanning
5. Textile industry
6. Rubber industry: Coagulation
7. Steel industry: Acid cleaning of steel production
8. Paper industry: Pulp manufacturing
9. Food industry: Disinfectant
10. Poultry industry: Silage

Agriculture Grade = Formic Acid (64-18-6) for Agriculture Grade
Packaging Detail

Delivery Detail
in 25kg/35kg/250kg/plastic drum, 1200kg(IBC), ISO TANK.

within 21 days .