Vinyl chloride (Powder)

Product Description

Name: Vinyl chloride

Purity: 99.5% 
Packaging Detail:  25kg bags
Delivery Detail: Within 2 weeks after the order confirmed 

1. Adhesive for medical packaging aluminum foil 
2. Metal coating 
3. Coating for electronics and toys 
4. Anti-corrosion coating, especially for ships

Specifications White powder
K value 34-47 Thermo stabilbagsity (160 deg. c, 10min)≥
Viscosity (ml/g)) 31-53 Apparent Density /(g/mL)≥ 0.42
Mass Fraction of VAC / 13± 2 Residue on sieve (0.45mm)≤ 0.5
Total vaporized
substance /%≤
1-2 Foreign particles Total Black and yellow dots per 100g ≤ 40
White degree under standard conditions /%≥