Rubber  CR


CR 244

Polychloroprene Rubber CR244 is recommend widely for making adhesives applied to adhere various mate such as shoes, rubbers, leathers, plastics, furniture, metals, etc. 

Product Description


1. CR121 used in manufacture of robber products
2. CR244 applied to adhint various materials
3. CR232 use in Cable sheathing

Other products:
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Chloroprene Rubber Description
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kg/drum, 15mt/FCL
Delivery Detail: 15-25 days after order close

We can provide different types of Chloroprene Rubber

Chloroprene Rubber (CR), widely known as Neoprene, was one of the first oil resistant synthetic rubbers.. It can be considered as a good general purpose rubber with an excellent balance of physical and chemical properties. It has better chemical, oil, ozone and heat resistance than natural rubber but a rather lower level of physical properties. Chloroprene tends to slowly absorb water and its electrical properties are poor. Its gas permeability is fairly low and flame resistance is excellent, chloroprene being one of the few rubbers that are self-extinguishing. Neoprene gives excellent rubber metal bonds and good resilience. Certain grades of Neoprene may crystallize and harden during storage although they will thaw on heating.