A I R  F I L T E R S

Air filter is used to prevent harmful things going through engine in the air and moisture. Entering of dust powders to cylinders in the air causes destruction in cylinders and seatings. For t his reason it causes to breakdown and shorten of economic life of engine. High quality filters not only protect engine from unwanted dust powders but also provides a good burn. As a result of good burn not only fuel and decreases harmful exhaust gas emissions. Duty of air filter is to send air to engine cylinder by filtering that air without barrier flow. At the end of trials it is seen that engine damage without air filter is twice than one with filter. During the protection of foreign particles in the air by filter, it is choked up in time density of the air going through cylinder decreases. Because of this fuel consumption increases and performance of vehicle decreases. AIR FILTERS should be changed in excess dirtiness and in right time.