HDPE ( High-density polyethylene ) 

Color: Natural color,  Purity: 100% 

HDPE ( High-density polyethylene )=(HDPE) or polyethylene high-density (PEHD) is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum.
HDPE is known for is large strength to density ratio.
Color: Natural color
Purity: 100%
HDPE is resistant to many different   solvents and has a wide variety of applications, including:

Flat yarn
Coarse monofilament
Film and Sheet
Injection molding
Industrial containers
Arena Board (puck board)
Backpacking frames
Ballistic plates, Bottle caps,
Chemical resistant piping systems
Coax cables inner insulator
Food storage containers
Bottles, suitable for re-use
Fuel tanks for vehicles
Laundry detergent bottles
Milk jugs
Corrosion protection for steel pipeline
Far-IR Lenses
Folding chairs and tables